Franchisee Interview: Doctor Turned Business Owner 

California Doctor Turned Business Owner with Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

A medical doctor turned business owner, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise owner Bao Tran, now owns two gyms in California, with plans to expand his footprint in the communities he serves. What’s more, Tran is living proof that you don’t need to have previous fitness industry experience to be a successful Mayweather Boxing + Fitness owner. All you need is a passion for helping people improve their lives, and the qualities of a great leader and operator.

In this wide-ranging interview, Tran talks about what makes a great Mayweather franchise owner, how boxing is one of the elite workouts, the rewards of running a business that changes people’s lives, and much more.

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As a medical professional, how good is the workout at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness?

Boxing is a great workout. My whole life I’ve been working out, and that includes lifting weights and playing sports. I had never boxed before, until two months ago, and I realized this exercise ties right into what I do as a doctor. Every day, I educate my patients on the importance of dietary and lifestyle modifications. I always say, ‘prevention is the best medicine out there.’ In any one of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness’s classes, you can burn anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories per session. I lost eight pounds in one to two weeks, so it really does work.

Do you find your customers get the results they want?

Working out at any Mayweather Boxing + Fitness gym will absolutely give you the opportunity to get better physically, mentally, and emotionally. And, you’re not doing it by yourself. It’s group fitness with like-minded individuals. There’s definitely a family atmosphere, with everyone encouraging you on.

That must be rewarding as a business owner

It means everything to me how happy the members are with their results and seeing them feel and look better. We’re one big family. It’s a blessing for myself, a spark in my life I didn’t even know I needed.

What is the Mayweather franchise support like?

The support from the corporate team is tremendous. I have phone numbers for all the corporate members that I can text or call at any time. I actually meet with the corporate team weekly, and there are all kinds of resources on every operational aspect of this business.

What’s one of the more important things you’ve learned as a business owner?

The culture of your work environment is very, very important. And this applies to any business, any work environment, whether it’s my medical group or Mayweather. We all care for one another. Anytime the staff needs to take time off, whether it’s an emergency or it’s a planned vacation, someone steps in to take care of it. We’re always there for one another, and you have to build that sense of teamwork intentionally.

What makes you so passionate about his brand?

Floyd Mayweather has an undefeated record – 50 and 0. That takes a lot of hard work and dedication. And that applies to everything in life. I think passion is so important with anything you do in life. You will not be successful if you’re not passionate about what you do. But if you are passionate, you’ll be happy no matter what. You will never feel like you have to work again for the rest of your life.

What makes a successful Mayweather franchise owner?

You have to be a great leader. You have to understand the ins and outs of the business. But it’s also important to take all the classes, to get to know your instructors and coaches, and see how everyone fits on your team. That’s very important. Be there for your team, and be there for your members.

What do you think about the future of the brand?

Mayweather can be at the top of the fitness industry. With boxing and fitness, you actually improve every day. That’s the biggest difference from other gyms and workouts. You notice yourself getting better every day. When I first started two months ago, I didn’t really know how to throw a jab or cross hook, and now I’m getting better every day. And it’s addicting. You want to get better every single day. And that is going to catch on in a huge way.

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