What Makes Us Different?

In the $22+ billion boutique fitness category, only one brand offers a workout designed by a world champion

We’re all looking for a workout that will allow us to be the best versions of ourselves. Whether it’s to lose weight, to gain more confidence, or to simply walk through the world knowing that we did something challenging and physical, we’re all seeking a workout that works for us.

This is why Mayweather Boxing + Fitness exists. Based on the proprietary training and workout methodology that helped him become the greatest boxer of all time, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is a proven workout that’s designed to help anyone who wants to push harder, achieve more, and become the best version of themselves.

“We’re here to help people get in the best shape of their lives,” Floyd Mayweather says. “We’re here to inspire people, we’re here so that people can let off steam, and we’re here to build community and make a difference in the communities we’re in. Health is wealth, and when our members come to us, they’re getting richer with every class.”


A workout that’s focused on delivering results

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness classes are designed to meet people at any fitness level and challenge them to be better. With a workout curriculum that’s focused on boxing and fitness, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness members burn up to 1,000 calories per class.

Every class is different. Some classes are far more boxing-oriented, which is great for burning calories, building muscle, and increasing balance, while other classes are centered around high intensity training and cardio. This versatile approach to classes keeps our members on their toes, and increases their engagement.

“Boxing is an extremely empowering activity,” says Reid Silverman, Senior Director of Brand. “It’s a great way to burn calories, get fit, and release a lot of stress. Our members feel really empowered when they leave class. The results that we’ve seen from our members are truly incredible. They’ve lost tons of weight, they’ve gained confidence, and in some cases, they were able to go off medication that they were on for years. It’s truly life changing for our members.”

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We’re building real community everywhere we go

Imagine walking into your fitness center and being greeted by your name. Imagine feeling like the coaches are as passionate about your progress day-after-day as you are. Now imagine feeling like you could do anything, because the community you surround yourself with pushes you to go for it.

This is what it feels like to be a member at a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise.

Here are some real reviews from our members across the country:

New member review: “The best place for a 45 min to 1 hour full-body workout in L.A. that incorporates Floyd’s own boxing techniques and fight-winning combinations. Love all of the trainers, helpful and friendly staff, state of the art fitness equipment…can’t beat working out in a new gym in the perfect location. All fitness levels are in my group classes, and I enjoy being inspired and working out with TBE, (The Best Ever)!”

  • Jodee Howe, Los Angeles, California

“Love this gym! It’s great to see how the classes have grown from last year, and I appreciate how the team is so invested in their members! Dylan’s classes always have me feeling accomplished after a class, and he does a great job in helping me push past my limits! Rob does a great job in coaching on improving technique. Great place! Great community!”

  •  Ashley Liu, Dallas, Texas

“The wait was worth the while. I am so happy this gym is finally open… The best 45 minutes of your day will be spent in a class here. The instructors are supportive, knowledgeable, friendly, and inspiring. Being part of this gym feels like being part of a family. From the motivational quotes on the wall to the well curated workouts and energetic music, lighting, and quality equipment, you really can’t go wrong. I highly recommend joining and incorporating Mayweather into your routine. I can’t stress enough how wonderful the staff is. After a few weeks of regular workouts, I feel like a new person… You will too.”

  • Lisa Linehan, Nashville, Tennessee

“Joining Mayweather was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The gym is spotless and all of the coaches and staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. The bags, floors and equipment are always thoroughly cleaned before/after each class. I always look forward to my workouts and never burn less than 400 calories per class. It’s an amazing gym & I’m so happy I joined!”

  • Michelle Rose, Manhasset, New York

“The Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is truly an experience. The team is knowledgeable with a spirit to serve each member as it relates to helping them reach their fitness goals. They take out the time to ensure you know the moves and provide ongoing feedback to improve. It’s a great community that celebrates success.”

  • Lennon Moore, Bowie, Maryland

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