How Do We Support You?

If you’re ready to own a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise, we’re ready to help you do it

You can judge the worthiness of a franchise opportunity by the level of support they provide to their franchise owners. If you’re going to invest in a franchise and take the risks associated with that, you ought to be receiving an incredible level of training and support starting from day one.

This is exactly the mindset of the leadership team of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. We understand that our franchise owners invest real money and time into making their businesses successful, and we honor that commitment by providing an industry leading training and support platform that covers every aspect of the business model.

“All of our corporate team has strong experience in boutique fitness,” says James Williams, CEO and co-founder. “We understand how to scale franchise systems the right way. Everyone here has a huge passion for fitness, for boxing, and for the success of our franchisees. The relationship and connectedness between our team and our franchisees is a critical part of our success.”

If you’re ready to start a conversation with the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise team, fill out our inquiry form here. We’ll be in touch with more information on the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise opportunity.

We’re in your corner every step of the way

Site selection and buildout

Choosing the right location is critical to the success of your new business. This is why you won’t do it alone. You will work hand-in-hand with our real-estate team to find the optimal location for your Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise. We will also help you through the process of lease negotiation, as well as buildout and construction, to ensure that you’re ready for your grand opening celebration.

In-person training

Prior to opening your new franchise location, you will come to our corporate headquarters for several days of in-person training. We will teach you every aspect of the business, such as how to get members, how to keep members, how to implement our marketing strategies, how to set realistic goals and much more!


Mayweather Boxing + Fitness has one of the most unique marketing strategies in the boutique fitness category. We provide you with all the resources you need to grow brand awareness, acquire new members, and hit your goals!

Presale process

On day one, you will open your business with recurring revenue. To do this, we’ve developed a presale process that will help you recruit and sign members in the weeks leading up to your grand opening. By following our strategy, your business will begin generating cash flow on the first day of business.


Mayweather Boxing + Fitness uses cutting edge technology to enhance the member experience. From our state-of-the-art mobile app, to our in-studio tech platforms that show Floyd Mayweather doing the workouts alongside our members, as well as heart-rate monitoring to measure individual performance, we have a tech suite that’s the envy of the rest of the industry.

Ongoing support

Our entire team is devoted to helping you realize your goals as an entrepreneur. We will be on-hand and accessible, and provide you with all the resources, the professional development, and ongoing coaching you need to thrive in business.

“We’re going to be in your corner,” says Amanda Enos, VP of Sales and Operations. “As a franchisee, you are there to support your members and your team. And we’re in the background supporting you to be as effective as possible in your business. We will provide you with the strategic sales and operations support that allows you to be able to flourish and grow your business to where you want it to be.”

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