How To Own A Fitness Franchise 

Looking to Own a Fitness Franchise?

You don’t need to be a gym rat to run a fitness franchise. As long as you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help others reach their own personal goals, investing in a fitness franchise can be a hugely rewarding experience that’s also lucrative.

The gym and fitness industry is expected to grow nearly 4.4% in 2023, as Americans are dying to get back in the gym and lead a healthier lifestyle. As a result, the gym and fitness industry is forecast to see an estimated 4% annualized business growth in the coming year. For health-conscious entrepreneurs, now is a great time to start a boutique fitness studio, as demand shows no signs of slowing down.

But not all fitness businesses are created equal. Time and again, fitness franchises have proven to be a far less risky option than starting an independent business, with much more profit potential to boot. It’s not hard to see why. Fitness franchises offer new businesses a leg up that independent gyms or big box gyms simply can’t compete with. For one, most fitness franchises have a proven business model, brand recognition, and existing customer base that bring in members from day one. On top, franchise owners benefit from having a robust support system from the franchisor at their back.

“Plus, the outlook for gym franchises is bright,” NerdWallet reported. “According to a report by IBIS World, the health and wellness boom over the past few years has led to a sizable increase in gym membership levels, which continues to grow. And in 2019, gym franchises specifically contributed $4 billion to the $34 billion gym, health, and fitness industry.”

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How to Own a Fitness Franchise With Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

With the unmatched name recognition of one of the greatest boxers of all time, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is taking the fitness industry by storm. As group fitness continues to be the dominant choice for people looking to get in shape and lead a healthier lifestyle, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is now one of the fastest growing brands in the boutique fitness category, offering a workout program designed by the champ himself, Floyd Mayweather.

If you’re interested in bringing a revolutionary fitness franchise to your community, now’s the time to act. First, starting a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is an accessible opportunity, with the total investment to open a new location ranging from $299,700-$595,000, and that includes a $49,500 franchise fee. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness does have financing referrals available via third-party lenders, which makes owning a franchise location even more affordable.

The next step is filling out an inquiry form here and starting a conversation with our incredible franchise team. We’ll send you a Franchise Information Report that includes franchisee comments about running a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise, information about our competitive advantages, and a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document Item 7, which outlines start-up costs, among other factors. Shortly after, we’ll follow up with a short conversation to answer any questions you may have about the franchise to get you started on the path of franchise ownership.

Onboarding and Training

When you step into the ring with Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, we’re in your corner from day one. Our support systems help you find the right location for your studio and are hands-on in the real estate process, such as lease negotiations and construction.  Before opening, franchise owners come to our corporate headquarters for several days of in-person training, where you learn every aspect of running Mayweather Boxing + Fitness – how to attract and retain members, implement marketing strategies, and set attainable financial goals.

“All of our corporate team has strong experience in boutique fitness,” says James Williams, CEO and co-founder. “We understand how to scale franchise systems the right way. Everyone here has a huge passion for fitness, for boxing, and for the success of our franchisees. The relationship and connectedness between our team and our franchisees is a critical part of our success.”

Opening Day

Support for your opening day celebrations starts weeks in advance. For starters, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness has developed a presale process to help you recruit and sign members in the weeks leading up to opening, allowing you to have recurring revenue and cash flow on the first day of business. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness also offers one of the most unique marketing strategies in the boutique fitness category that’s proven to attract new members in your community. Our systems make sure your grand opening and early days in business are seamless as you become an established force in the fitness category.

Ongoing Support

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness takes seriously its commitment to be there for franchise owners every step of the way. Our ongoing support systems are on-hand and accessible 24/7, 365, to provide you with all the resources, professional development, and ongoing coaching you need to grow your business. As a team, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is only as great as its franchise owners, which is why our franchise system has devoted so much resources, time, and energy into ongoing support and training.

“We’re going to be in your corner,” says Bryan Diaz, Chief Operating Officer. “As a franchisee, you are there to support your members and your team. And we’re in the background supporting you to be as effective as possible in your business. We will provide you with the strategic sales and operations support that allows you to flourish and grow your business to where you want it to be.”

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Owning a fitness franchise has never been easier or more accessible than Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, which is looking for inspired and motivated entrepreneurs who want to kick start their communities with a revolutionary boutique fitness franchise. To learn more, visit our research pages here or make a request for more information today!

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