Mayweather Boxing + Fitness and the Franchise 500

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise Ranks on the Franchise 500

The bells have sounded, and Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is coming out of the gates hot. As one of the fastest growing gym experiences in the country, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness just landed a major accolade, splashing onto Entrepreneur magazine’s esteemed Franchise 500 franking. Every year, for the past 44 years, Entrepreneur has released its Franchise 500 list, which shines a light on best performing franchise systems in the U.S. Now, the ranking is used by aspiring franchise owners to find the best bet investments. Indeed, Entrepreneur’s list is one of the most robust and comprehensive rankings in the industry, looking at an individual franchise’s cost & fees, size & growth, support systems, brand strength, as well as financial strength & stability.

“With this year’s record-breaking number of applicants, the list offers a comprehensive overview of the state of the franchise world as it emerges from the most challenging days of the pandemic into uncertain economic conditions—and still keeps going strong,” Entrepreneur wrote. “There’s something here for every prospective franchisee, whether you’re interested in finding an opportunity within a brand that has been around for decades or in getting in on the ground floor of the next emerging trend.”

As one of the rising stars in the boutique fitness industry, it’s a no-brainer that Mayweather Boxing + Fitness fought its way onto the list, placing No. 484. Entrepreneur magazine highlighted the fact that Mayweather Boxing + Fitness has seen an incredible 5,000% growth in units over the past three years, with another 35+ on the way.

“A Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise may be a good fit for someone passionate about fitness, boxing, and community support. As a franchisee, you could have the opportunity to give members a completely unique gym experience. This seems true to both training style and gym atmosphere,” the ranking says. “Community is likely an essential part of operating a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio.”

Boutique Fitness Franchise on the Rise

More than ever, Americans are conscious about their health and want to maintain active, healthy lifestyles. However, most people are sick of the same old workout routines at the chain gyms – running on a treadmill or just sitting there on a stationary bike. Instead, record numbers of people are seeking out alternative, entertaining ways to stay fit, in what’s rapidly becoming known as the boutique fitness craze. And within the industry, there’s simply no better than Mayweather Boxing + Fitness.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness offers a workout program developed by the boxing legend himself, Floyd Mayweather. The program delivers an immersive training experience in which members can burn up to 1,000 calories in just a 45 minute group session. On top of that, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness offers a workout program that is community-oriented, something you just can’t find at your everyday gym. Also, members have access to a virtual reality experience, a mobile app and in-studio technology. As Mayweather Boxing + Fitness catches on, it’s no wonder why locations are rapidly expanding across the U.S.

“Now is a very exciting time to invest in a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise,” says James Williams, CEO and co-founder. “We’ve been around for a few years now, and with every location that we go into, there’s so much excitement and buzz. We know we have the best programming, we know that the model is scalable, and we know that we provide a simple blueprint for our franchise owners to implement. Now it’s all about finding the franchise owners who share our vision and drive for success, because once you bring passionate entrepreneurs into a scalable model like this, there’s enormous wins that come from it. We’re excited about the future.”

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