What Makes The Best Mayweather Gym Franchise Owner 

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Complaining about having to go to the gym is, well, an all too familiar refrain from people who want to be healthy and get in shape, yet just can’t seem to find the motivation in traditional fitness chains. Boutique fitness, however, changes all that.

Boutique fitness offers a more intimate and unique experience for gym-goers, usually focusing on one or two specific types of workouts and placing a huge emphasis on community. Typically, boutique fitness studios are smaller in size, and offer small group exercises in classes of 20-30 members. For so many people wanting to get in shape, boutique fitness offers a more exciting and fresh experience. No more running on the treadmill for 30 minutes or puttering around the weight rack. Boutique fitness provides members with a high-energy workout and classes that get you excited to turn up to each day.

“If you’re in love with a particular type of fitness, like dance, yoga, or cycling, you’re more likely to find your tribe and commit to a studio that’s going to enhance your love even further,” according to a report in GloFox. “A specialty studio is a great way to find other people that also love the same thing, further deepening that sense of community and creating the right atmosphere.”

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is an emerging star in the boutique fitness industry. Offering workouts and classes based on training from the champion himself – legend Floyd Mayweather. The boxing boutique studio is ready to take the industry by storm. Right now, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is looking for potential franchise owners with a love of fitness, people, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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A Passion for Making a Difference

To be a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise owner, you don’t need experience in the fitness industry, or even previous history running a business – all that can be taught by Mayweather Boxing + Fitness’s incredible training and support team. What you do need that can’t be taught, however, is a passion to making a difference by bringing an incredible new brand to your community.

“We primarily look for franchisees who have a strong business background, are well capitalized, and have a passion for the fitness industry,” the champ himself, Mayweather, says. “Prior experience in franchising is always a great plus. Franchisees who know how to lead, motivate, and inspire their teams will ultimately be the most successful in running a Mayweather studio. And those who know that starting a business is always going to require hard work and dedication, but who are prepared and excited to put that work in.”

A Love for People

Though our franchise owners come from a diverse range of backgrounds, one quality we’ve found they all possess is being a people person, especially since you have to build a team, talk to customers, and care about making a difference in your members’ lives. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain confidence, or lead a healthier lifestyle, people come to Mayweather Boxing + Fitness to change their lives for the better. And our franchise owners understand they play a vital role in motivating and facilitating that major life change.

“We’re here to help people get in the best shape of their lives,” Mayweather says. “We’re here to inspire people, we’re here so that people can let off steam, and we’re here to build community and make a difference in the communities we’re in. Health is wealth, and when our members come to us, they’re truly getting richer with every class.”

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Finally, all our franchise owners have to possess a desire to be their own boss and realize their dreams of small business ownership. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness first opened in 2019, and already boasts more than 100 locations open or in development in the U.S. Our franchise owners are excited to get in on the ground floor on an amazing concept in the booming boutique fitness industry. We want franchise owners who are going to be the champs in their own community by bringing a fitness studio like no other.

“Franchising is all about the American dream,” James Williams, CEO and Co-Founder, says. “Floyd truly is the personification of the American Dream. He came from literal poverty to earning a billion dollars. So when we started this business, we talked about the different business models that we could engage with. Floyd personally was so excited and passionate about building a franchise system where people could leverage his brand and his workouts to build their own dreams. He wanted to give people the opportunity to create their own business legacy under the power of the Mayweather name, and in doing so achieve their own version of the American dream.”

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