The International Expansion of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Announces International Expansion

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is known around the world as one of only a few elite boxers in history that finished with an undefeated record. So why not bring his renowned training and fitness program to members all over the globe? Recently, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness signed agreements with two different master franchise partners to bring the ironic group fitness gym internationally, to both Japan and the United Arab Emirates. As part of the significant deal to expand internationally, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studios will open in major cities in these countries, including Tokyo and Dubai. With 30 new studios opened in the U.S. in just 2022, news of the brand’s international expansion is a huge mark of growth.

“This year has marked tremendous growth for the brand, and we’re thrilled about this new opportunity to grow our global footprint in key international markets,” said James Williams, CEO of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. “We are excited to build some incredible studios and to make Mayweather the number one fitness brand in each of the markets we operate in. We look forward to working with well-resourced, strategic, and proven national operators like Axe Capital, Patrik and Boris in the UAE; and Nitta, Mori and Miyata in Japan.”

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A Well Known Name in the Fitness Industry

Brand recognition is one of the most important factors for a growing business, and what better association for a fitness gym than the most dominant boxer to ever step in the ring? Indeed, Mayweather Bowing + Fitness uses methods developed throughout Floyd Mayweather’s 25-year undefeated boxing career, setting the group fitness gym apart from other boutique studios. With the perfect combination of boxing, strength, and cardio, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is truly accessible to any fitness audience.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness opportunity is a knockout punch. Aside from offering a unique workout program designed by one of the most successful athletes of all time, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is also a scalable business model that’s built on recurring revenue. With a straightforward business model, franchise owners can easily reinvest into multi-unit ownership as the demand for a specialized, one-of-a-kind workout continues to grow.

“Now is a very exciting time to invest in a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise,” Williams says. “We’ve been around for a few years now, and with every location that we go into, there’s so much excitement and buzz. We know we have the best programming, we know that the model is scalable, and we know that we provide a simple blueprint for our franchise owners to implement. Now it’s all about finding the franchise owners who share our vision and drive for success, because once you bring passionate entrepreneurs into a scalable model like this, there’s enormous wins that come from it. We’re excited about the future.”

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As if rapid expansion in the U.S. wasn’t enough proof that Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is about to take the boutique fitness industry by storm, the brand’s move to the international stage seals the deal. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, visit our research pages here or make a request for more information today!

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