Interview With Mayweather Boxing + Fitness COO

Brian Diaz, COO, Talks about Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Franchise

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is a boutique fitness brand that not only focuses on group fitness classes, but also offers a range of workout and training programs with high-cardio activities. More than anything, it’s communal, with friends and family of all ages participating in classes.

Brian Diaz, Chief Operating Officer, realized early on that Mayweather Boxing + Fitness was in a unique position because of its unmatched brand name awareness, coupled with a workout you just can’t find anywhere else.

“A lot of the programs and movements that are deployed at the studio and in classes are actually the same punch combos and movement patterns from Floyd himself,” Diaz said. “So our members are getting a higher level workout versus any other kind of standardized brand.”

In this wide-ranging interview, Diaz talks about what makes Mayweather Boxing + Fitness so unique, all the ways the brand generates different sources of income, and why now is the time to invest.

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So what makes Mayweather Boxing + Fitness unique?

First off, just the name itself being associated with the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. Whether you’re coming in to start a new business, considering franchising, or your customers are looking for something of high value, the name Mayweather always carries huge brand awareness. But really, it’s inside the studio that the value proposition is realized, because you learn how to punch against the bag and move your body is a really effective way. It’s very empowering for all genders and all demographics. People get the opportunity to not only express their power, but feel strong and empowered while doing so. Ultimately, that’s the best expression of fitness and wellness – learning how to move your body and feel really good while you’re doing it.

Why would you choose Mayweather Boxing + Fitness over others?

Again, we have a brand awareness other boutique fitness franchises can only dream of. One of the biggest obstacles for a new business is to get the community aware of your services. With Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, our franchise owners have a leg up because everyone knows Floyd Mayweather. They understand when it says Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, that they’re going to come in and get a world-class workout.

What are all the ways franchise owners generate revenue?

Obviously, we have our ongoing, recurring memberships. That’s the foundation of a killer business model, having repeat customers. In order to do that, you have to have superior service. So that’s what we do with our membership base. We also offer personal training for franchisees to generate additional, high-margin revenue. On top of that, we also have apparel that typically runs a little higher in terms of activity versus other brands, because it’s pretty cool and unique. And down the road, we’re always looking at innovations and evolving to add more services to the brand.

Who makes for the ideal Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise owner?

The ideal franchise owner is somebody that embodies leadership and passion. They don’t need to know the intricacies of boutique fitness, we provide that through onboarding. But we can’t teach passion. We also look for franchise owners who are capable of retaining customers and building communities. Because that’s the idea of the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness: through strong leadership, we can create pockets of communities that are emboldened and healthier.

Why is now a great time to invest?

Now is a great time to invest in Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, because boutique fitness is still scaling. It’s constantly growing, more folks are looking for that one-on-one member experience versus going into a big box gym that’s 10,000 square feet, and you don’t get the opportunity to engage in that social human interaction. That’s first and foremost. Then beyond that, boxing boutique fitness is one of the more attractive market segments in boutique fitness that has grown exponentially. Couple those two things with the Mayweather brand, its concepts and its awesome classes, then you realize there’s no other time than now to invest.

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