What is Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Franchise?

The fast-growing boutique fitness franchise is ready to dominate a $22+ billion industry

Fitness is back, and it’s stronger than ever before. While gym memberships are up all across the country, it’s group fitness that’s really exploding. After more than a year of being cooped up indoors, it’s no surprise that group fitness is growing by record numbers.

Run Repeat reports that group fitness is surging past pre-pandemic levels. In fact, the industry is expected to reach well over $22 billion in 2022.

With so much growth in such a short period of time, naturally the segment is crowded with competition. While the majority of the boutique fitness industry offers a different spin on the same product, one brand stands out as a clear differentiator and an emerging leader of a booming category

Enter Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. Founded in 2018 by legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather and visionary businessman James Williams, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is one of the fastest growing brands in the boutique fitness category.

“Now is a very exciting time to invest in a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise,” says James Williams, CEO and co-founder. “We’ve been around for a few years now, and with every location that we go into, there’s so much excitement and buzz. We know we have the best programming, we know that the model is scalable, and we know that we provide a simple blueprint for our franchise owners to implement. Now it’s all about finding the franchise owners who share our vision and drive for success, because once you bring passionate entrepreneurs into a scalable model like this, there’s enormous wins that come from it. We’re excited about the future.”

Our members train like the champ

While other concepts in the boutique fitness industry advertise, “train like an athlete,” Mayweather Boxing + Fitness offers a workout program designed by one of the most successful athletes of all time.

Members of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness work out exactly like Floyd Mayweather, because our entire workout program was created by the champ himself – but modified to be accessible and effective for the everyday gym-goer. All of the hard work and dedication that it took for Floyd to reach the world historical record of 50-0, can be experienced by anyone that walks through the doors and becomes a member.

mayweather boxing + fitness hard work

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness members work out alongside the champ, too. Floyd Mayweather recorded every boxing movement of the workout and Mayweather Boxing + Fitness members are guided along by the greatest of all time on screens in the facility, in addition to the in-person encouragement of the best coaches and trainers in the industry.

“Our members get to participate in the program of Floyd Mayweather, the most successful boxer in the history of the sport,” Williams says. “The product in boutique fitness is so important. When you think about being a member of a fitness concept, you want to have the best – and that’s what our name is synonymous with – the best. From the franchisee perspective, because they’re offering the best workout, they also expect the best in terms of performance.”

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An opportunity like Mayweather Boxing + Fitness comes once in a lifetime. After spending the last two decades as the most successful boxer in the history of the sport, Floyd Mayweather decided to launch a fitness brand based around his proprietary workouts and training methodology.

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A scalable business model that’s built on recurring revenue

One of the best parts of franchising with Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is that our business model is built on the membership model. Before our franchise owners open their doors, they follow our proprietary presale process, so that they can have paying members and start earning revenue on day one.

This recurring revenue stream gives our franchise owners cash flow that they can expect every month. This makes it easier for our franchise owners to focus on growing their businesses and scaling up to multi-unit ownership.

For David Weis, owner of multiple locations in the Los Angeles area, the fact that the business model is simple was one of the key reasons why he chose to invest.

“The business model is very straightforward,” he says. “I decided to invest because as an experienced entrepreneur, I wanted something I could replicate over and over again. I also wanted something that would be exciting to be a part of. When we announce a new location is opening up, the community really goes wild. It’s such an incredible brand to be a part of.”

You can expect the very best training and support

Investing in Mayweather Boxing + Fitness means that you’re joining a brand that has got your back. Our leadership team has invested in an industry leading training and ongoing support infrastructure that helps you master every aspect of the business model:

  • Site selection
  • Buildout and construction
  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Workout curriculum
  • Merchandising
  • Technology
  • Professional development
  • And more!

“The success of our franchise owners comes first,” Williams says. “This is why we’ve built one of the most comprehensive training and support programs in the industry. A great franchise offers great systems. Great franchise owners become that way because they have great systems to follow. The success of our franchise owners is what drives everything we do, and we will never waver from that commitment.”

Own the boxing + fitness franchise that’s ready to win

Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Now is the time to invest in a Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise. To start a conversation about ownership opportunities, please fill out an inquiry form here. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

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