3 Ways Floyd Mayweather Jr. Has Grown One of The Most Successful Boxing Franchises

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, a group fitness experience created by World Champion boxer Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr., has launched over 70+ franchise locations with plans to open hundreds more. Floyd Mayweather is a retired, undefeated professional boxer (50-0) whose passion for exercise and self-improvement inspired him to build an impactful health experience. How did a professional boxer with no franchise experience create such a ground-breaking and successful business model? Here are 3 things he did to make sure Mayweather Boxing + Fitness succeeded where other fitness franchises failed.

1: Built an Incredible Corporate Team

Early in the franchise development process Floyd began surrounding himself with an amazing team full of experience and previous success. It wasn’t hard to find the best of the best because with name recognition like “Mayweather” everyone wanted to be part of such a spectacular and exciting brand development process.

One of the key members of Floyds incredible team is James Williams, The President, and CEO of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. James was previously an advisor to Beyoncé on her entertainment and management company, Parkwood Entertainment, with a focus on developing Beyoncé’s Ivy Park brand. He also co-founded XPT Life, a performance lifestyle brand created by big-wave surfer and fitness innovator, Laird Hamilton, and professional volleyball player, Gabrielle Reece.

Prior to those endeavors, James had an eight-year career at Bain & Company, where he developed growth strategies and devised business plans for some of the most successful luxury, auto and sports brands in the world. Prior to Bain, James was a corporate lawyer at Clifford Chance, at the time the world’s largest law firm and part of the UK’s “Magic Circle” of elite firms, working in both London and New York. While studying for his MBA, James founded the non-profit, SOMB, which provides school uniforms to children in sub-Saharan Africa. He has visited Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa on several occasions to oversee SOMB donations.

2: Unique and Effective Training Program

Floyd spent several years together with industry leading fitness experts, taking everything that Mayweather had developed as an elite level athlete, and tailoring and adapting it for the group fitness program. These unique and effective workouts ensure their members achieve better results over time, which maximizes studio retention. Lengthy memberships ultimately deliver more value for Floyd’s franchise owners.

3: Brand Recognition

No other fitness franchise has a name with more recognition than “Floyd Mayweather.” Floyd has around a 70 percent consumer awareness in the U.S. The biggest form of marketing for group fitness today is digital advertising: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads. Consumers are multiple times more likely to know of the Mayweather brand than any other group fitness concept. This allows for a cheaper cost per lead and higher content engagement. When a Floyd Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio opens in a new market, they do not have to spend thousands of dollars trying to educate the public on who and what they are. Thanks to the brand recognition the name affords, franchises can hit the ground running.

The Mayweather Boxing + Fitness Group Franchise fitness model has been fine-tuned for well over 10 years. The entire team has spent countless hours developing the business plan, recruiting the best team in the industry, and building a franchise infrastructure that ensures it will remain the industry’s most successful fitness franchise.

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