Multi-Unit Franchising With Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

What is Multi-Unit Franchising?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a fast-track to growth and wealth creation, look no further than multi-unit franchising. At its core, multi-unit franchising allows franchisees to own and operate more than one business in a defined territory. Having multiple locations means greater and diversified income, lower operating costs, and stronger brand awareness. That’s why more than 50% of all franchises are multi-unit operations.

“There are many benefits to owning multiple franchise locations. Anytime there is a chance to successfully scale a business and create a greater opportunity for wealth creation, it becomes a powerful commodity in the business world. Today, multi-unit franchise development is very popular, and — based on the ability to create wealth – the trend will continue,” according to a report in Forbes magazine.

“As with all business decisions, multi-unit franchise ownership comes down to money and control. If you own a franchise that operates from a retail location, the path to growth is through more development. The more locations you have, the more valuable your business becomes. Larger franchisees who diversify through a variety of locations are also better positioned to withstand an economic downturn – something we witnessed just a decade ago.”

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Why Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is Perfect for Multi-Unit Franchising

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is a revolutionary boutique fitness studio with a workout plan developed by the legend and champ himself, Floyd Mayweather. With a workout program created by one of the most well-known athletes of all time, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is in an incredibly unique position to take the boutique fitness industry by storm. What’s more, our workout plans are tailored to fit the ability levels of all members, from the beginner just starting out to the everyday gym-goer.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness offers a business model that’s made for multi-unit franchising, and it’s not hard to see why. Our business model is as straightforward as it gets, making it easy for franchise owners to focus on growing their business and scaling up to multiple locations. And, as an emerging brand in the boutique fitness industry, right now offers a great time to invest, with prime territories available all over the U.S.

“The business model is very straightforward,” says David Weis, owner of multiple locations in the Los Angeles area. “I decided to invest because, as an experienced entrepreneur, I wanted something I could replicate over and over again. I also wanted something that would be exciting to be a part of. When we announce a new location is opening up, the community really goes wild. It’s such an incredible brand to be a part of.”

Scalable Business Model

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness has a business model that’s designed to be easy to operate, easy to scale. For starters, our main source of revenue is predicated on memberships, which is why we offer a proprietary presale process, so you have paying members from day one. With recurring revenue streams, franchise owners have the cash flows needed to make it easy to open multiple locations.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness also requires very little space and cost to get started. Our layout, for instance, only needs 1,800 to 3,500 of square footage. On top of that, our equipment package is lean and affordable. That’s a far cry from competitors in the fitness industry that need heaps of equipment and space.

“Our business model is designed to be easy to follow,” says James Williams, CEO and co-founder. “Once you find the right location, you can be up and running in a matter of months. Our layout is designed to increase the profit-potential of the business, while delivering an exceptional member experience. We provide the blueprint, so that our franchise owners can focus on growing their business and building a great culture within their four walls.”

Ongoing Support

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchise owners also have a team of seasoned business professionals in their corner to help them on their way to multi-unit ownership. From day one, franchisees work with our real-estate team to help find the absolute best location for your franchise, as well as navigating the real estate process. We also offer several days of in-person training at our headquarters, where you’ll learn everything from how to get and retain members, marketing strategies, setting financial goals, and much, much more. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness’s training and support team is also dedicated to being on-hand and accessible for the entire life of the franchise, making sure you reach your full potential as a franchise owner.

“All of our corporate team has strong experience in boutique fitness,” says Williams. “We understand how to scale franchise systems the right way. Everyone here has a huge passion for fitness, for boxing, and for the success of our franchisees. The relationship and connectedness between our team and our franchisees is a critical part of our success.”

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